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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Should I Be Running 6.7 Today?

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that there is always something wrong with me.  Wait… that didn't come out right. (Smile)

As I get older, I seem to be more prone to aches and strains. Thank God that I have not suffered any major sickness or long term injury (other than minor knee pain).  Yet, when you love to run like I do, anything that inhibits a run can be frustrating.

Last week I somehow strained my lower back.  I thought perhaps I did it working out, but when I think back, I was doing a lot of chair moving at church.  I do happen to also recall moving a large table as well.  Yes, I should have waited for help, but I think I’m super woman. 

So, for the last several days I took a break from running, thinking that would help my back. But, instead of getting better, it became sorer and Mr. Icy-Hot and I saw a lot of each other.

Then yesterday I decided to jump the “rest and relax” ship and head to the gym.  I couldn't take it anymore! Hahaha… Running addicts know where I’m coming from.

I hit the treadmill with the intent to walk.  After all, it made sense to me to not run a 10K if you have a sore back.  I tried to walk.  I promise I did.  But I was surrounded by everyday athletes like me, running their hearts out.  Running euphoria was in the air.

I tried to walk and preoccupy my mind with the theater movie of the day, “Maid in Manhattan”.  That was a no go.

I started walking at 4.0…then 4.5….then a slight jog at 5.2.  The soreness in my back was bearable.  As a matter of fact, after I hit the first mile, my back felt less sore.  Well that’s all I needed to crank it up to 6.7! It felt good to be home again! (Smile)

PLEASE NOTE!!! – If you have an injury, see your physician and ask how you should proceed with your fitness regimen.  My decision to go to 6.7 with a sore back is because I’m stubborn.  Be warned.

The ironic thing was this morning, my back feels better.  Thank God for having grace and mercy on my stubborn running soul.  The morning before, I had to pull myself with my upper body to get out of the bed.  Now granted that is not so different from other mornings, but this time it was physically painful. 

This morning, there was only a slight soreness and as I sit at my computer blogging, I can feel no pain.  Hallelujah!!!

Once again...I am not a doctor. You definitely should see a doctor if you are injured or else you can cause more damage to your body. It seemed like getting back into my exercise routine helped do the trick or like I said before, God just had mercy on this running-loving lady.  Either way, I’ll take it.