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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Preparing for the Flying Pig Cincinnati 2013

I'm super excited about running the Flying Pig 5K and 10K this year.  I have wanted to double for a number of years now, but because of injury I haven't been able to do so.

Race day is on Saturday May 4th.  The main event, the Flying Pig marathon will take place on Sunday.  If you haven't been to Cincinnati for this event, you are missing a great thing.  Cincinnati is already a great running community and the Flying Pig is the cherry on top.

So, what's left to do?  I'm super late on this, but I need to purchase a new pair of running shoes today.  It is best to run in new shoes well before a race, but I procrastinate.  That's what I do.  However, I feel confident  that I can break in a new pair before the start.

Next up?  Registration.  My life is chaotic so I do not register early.  If you do register early, you can take advantage of discounts, but I never know when something will come up.  I would hate to spend a hundred bucks on a race and then not be able to run.  So I wait until the week of and wait in a long line of procrastinating runners just like me!  It's all fun.

This will be my first race of the year (not what I planned at all) so I'm not looking to run any personal records.  My PR for the 5K is sub 24 minutes.  My goal on May 4th is to run under 28 minutes in the 5K and under 55 minutes in the 10K.  The races (for me) will be about an hour apart, so I should have time to recoup.

Anyway, that's my Flying Pig prep update and I hope to see you there!