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Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Balance NX950 GPS Runner Watch: First Impression

New Balance NX950 GPS Runner Watch
New Balance NX950 GPS Runner Watch

This is my first impression of the New Balance NX950 GPS Runner Watch.

I was originally shopping around for a fitness band because they're so popular and my Nike Fuel Band went south on me. However, before making the investment I sat myself down and asked, “What is it that I really want in a fitness tracking device?”

I loved the concept of the Jawbone UP24 and Fitbit Flex bands but I wanted a device with a screen, GPS, and a focus on running in particular. Tracking my sleep activity and number of steps is cool, but not necessary for me.

When I found the New Balance NX950 GPS Runner Watch, I had to try it. First, for a GPS running watch it was very affordable. I purchased the watch for around $75.00 on Amazon with free shipping.

There was a little doubt as to how it would compare with higher end running watches like the TomTom or Garmin brands. But in the end it was the customer reviews on Amazon that finally sold me.

New Balance NX950 GPS Runner Watch Details:

New Balance NX950 GPS Runner Watch
  •      GPS, it monitors speed distance, and pace
  •          It has 6 customizable interval timers
  •          It tells the time (of course…lol), day, date, and has an alarm
  •          The watch is not water proof but water resistant
  •          Has run memory that allows you to view your pace history
  •          As you run you can view your average and current pace
  •          Includes a USB charging cable to download workout data
  •          Choice of two viewing screens while you run with 3 fields per screen
  •          Any stat can be set to any position on either of the two screens
  •          Tracking for running and cycling
  •          Auto-lap function at user set distance
  •          12 hour battery life

After receiving the watch, I found it very easy to maneuver through the screens to adjust the settings. There are six modes: Running, Interval, Cycling, History, Setup and Clock. Even without pulling an all-nighter with the New Balance NX950 manual, I could figure out how each mode functions.

My first run with the NX950 was awesome. The GPS only took a few minutes to activate. Sometimes the GPS picks up right away. To test its accuracy I ran on a pre-marked running trail. At every half mile, the NX950 was right on target! The GPS function is right in the watch. There is no shoe sensor, and no additional gadgets to wear on your hip or arm. Yay!!!

The face is large which makes the watch a bit bulky, but it doesn't feel heavy and fits snugly on my small wrist. I know a lot of runners prefer smaller faces and a variety of color options, so the aesthetics of the New Balance NX950 may not be preferred.

I recently incorporated the run-walk-run method into my training. The interval mode works well but you cannot see your running stats at the same time. 

A work around is to use the auto-lap feature instead. The NX950 will beep and that is my signal when to run, walk, or jog. Previously with the Nike Sports Band and it was impossible to set interval times.

For the price I am very pleased with my new running watch! You can spend a whole lot more to get more options, but the New Balance NX950 really does suit all of my running needs.

If you have any comments or questions, just leave them down below.

Happy Running!



Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life Beyond Running

Although I created this blog to devote to my running journey, I have also embarked upon a health and beauty journey. Essentially, I want to be a healthy, whole and well-rounded woman.

I am a new fan of blogger Lauren Mechelle. Not only does she have the best giveaways online (which actually sparked this blog post), but she is living the life I believe many young ladies dream of. She is pursuing her dreams, sharing her gifts with the world, and not afraid to explore unfamiliar territories.

Although I frequent her blog for beauty and DIY tips, I decided today to browse through her “life” category. I was very excited to read about her recap of her attendance at Workshops for Women, organized by Councilwoman Blondell Brown in Philadelphia.

In this post (, she shares treasures of information that will help in progressing her passion and career. I love reading articles like this!

Too often people complain about they cannot do and what they will never accomplish. I know. I use to be one of them. But sometimes you have to take “life” by the reigns and insist on doing better and going higher.

The sky’s the limit!

Network outside of your comfort zone. Dream big and don’t be ashamed. I love running with my whole, but it isn’t everything. I believe that in order for me to be a whole person, I have to say yes to more than just one or two opportunities.

Thank you Lauren for overcoming intimidation, saying yes to life, and sharing it with the world!

Running Quote of the Week - 
"I always loved was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs." – Jesse Owens