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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

On Your Left...Running Traffic

I learned the hard way that very few people understand the phrase, "on your left".

Yesterday I didn't have time to get a long run in, so I went to a local park that is surrounded by a paved path about a quarter of a mile long.  One loop around is short but half of the loop is on an incline so it is great for hill workouts.  However... never again will I run at this park on a beautiful warm day in the evening.

The path was loaded with runners, walkers, baby strollers, dogs on leashes, and children.  Please understand that it was a beautiful sight to see.  I love seeing others get off the coach and get moving.  And how sweet it is to see young couples holding hands while pushing their little one in the baby stroller.  

However, if your trying to work on speed, this is not the ideal environment.

So... I learned that very few people understand the phrase, "on your left".  When someone is running, riding a bike, or on roller blades, and they say, "on your left"; this means that the person/people they are passing should move to the right.  

Instead most people turn around with a confused look on their face and move towards... the left.  Or they have their head phones on their ears and they can't hear you in the first place! Lol

I was forced several times to run off the path, into the grass, and hurdle a few ditches.

Then about twenty minutes into my run a boy's baseball game gears up.  

Parents are pulling up lawn chairs in droves right along the path, blocking the grassy areas I needed to pass up people who's iPod's are turned up loud or had no clue what was going on when I said, "on your left!

Just another adventure in running.... :)

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