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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Do Runners Feel Pain?

Do Runners Feel Pain?

Since middle school I have loved running.  In my younger days I competed in the shorter distances and now that I am older I love to tackle the longer runs.  One thing that all distances have in common is painful training.

Some runners are nutty and they love the pain.  They love the hurt.  I am more conservative in my rush for pain.  Although I must admit that when training I need a little burn to make me feel accomplished.  Okay, maybe I’m a bit nutty myself. 

I feel that runners pain, but I very seldom mind.

It is my passion for running that helps me endure the pain.  I have always hated hill and incline workouts….always.  But I will run as many hills as it takes if it means I simply get to run.  My love for running overrides the pain.  I feel it, but I can endure.  I feel it, but it doesn't control my will.

And such has been my life…

I have lived through some pretty painful times, but the outcome of life’s pains made me a stronger person.  As long as I keep moving forward, I am sure at some point to get my second wind. 

In some ways being a runner conditioned me to handle all kinds of pain.  Runners have mental toughness. 

If there is no finish line, we are not finished.

Do runners feel pain?  Of course we do.  But we endure it for the sake of doing what we love, and being the best at it that we can be.

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